Waterline Survey

Mad River Parallel Pipeline Project
City of Eureka

Topographic surveying, boundary surveying, and construction staking of a 6 mile long pipeline from Diamond Drive in Arcata to the Pump Station at Ryan Slough in Eureka. The project encompassed 7 years of work on various phases of the project.  Project duties included establishment of a GPS control network, aerial photogrammetric control and mapping, reestablishment on the ground of a 30 foot wide easement corridor created in 1935 but not monumented at that time, calculation of the vertical alignment of the existing pipeline, survey control for numerous creek and slough crossings, and construction staking of the new pipeline alignment, and coordination with design engineer and contractor when conflicts occurred. Easement documents were prepared for new acquisitions and a 22 page Record of Survey detailing the alignment, monuments set to perpetuate its location and the new right of way acquisitions was recorded in Humboldt County records. Upon completion of construction Record Drawings were prepared. An award, given by CELSOC, was received for survey work on this project.

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