Indian Road Topo

Boundary & Topographic Survey
North & South Indian Road
Smith River

Topographic and boundary survey to facilitate design of roadway improvements such as curb, gutter and sidewalk within a portion of the Smith River Rancheria. The topographic survey included 1000 feet of US Highway 101 adjoining the existing casino and restaurant, and over a mile of existing roadways including North and South Indian Road, Mouth of Smith River Road, and Ocean View Drive. The existing roadways were approximately 20 to 25 feet wide within 40 foot wide right of ways with dense vegetation along the edges of the existing roadway, multiple drainage courses crossing under the roadway, and extensive infrastructure along the casino frontage.¬†Points West provided a topographic strip 80 feet wide along all the roadways, additional topographic information in the drainage courses, and extensive utility mapping via coordination with the Rancheria and local providers. The boundary and right of way solution involved ties to over 60 found monuments, evaluation of each as to determine its place within the boundary solutions, and determination of the right of way limits for the roadways and US 101.

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