Cypress Grove 1

ALTA Survey
Cypress Grove Chevre, Arcata

Points West recently completed an ALTA Survey of an approximately 18 acre deeded parcel within the limits of the City of Arcata that houses the production facilities of Cypress Grove Chevre, a nationally recognized producer of specialty goat cheese. The recent acquisition of Cypress Grove Chevre by Emmi Holdings, USA was valued at 2.3 million dollars.

Cypress Grove 2This survey required mapping of complicated industrial infrastructure with minimal to no record information available. The subject parcel was created by an ancient deed abutted by insufficiently described right of ways and poorly located adjacent tract maps. In addition, the site was traversed by Janes Creek, a perennial stream that needed to be located to establish flood zone and floodway limits. Multiple utility installations had been installed over the years with no easements of record. Mr. Pulley also aided counsel for Emmi Holdings, USA with evaluation of file documents in the City of Arcata Community Development Department.

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