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ACV Runway

Airport Safety Improvement Project for the Arcata/Eureka Airport (ACV)

Points West performed survey work the 4 Million dollar Airport Safety Improvement Project for the Arcata/Eureka Airport (ACV). Points West performed topographic surveys for design, construction staking surveys, and Quality Assurance/Quality Control surveys. This project started in February 2010 with design surveys and concluded in November 2010.

Points West provided topographic surveys for a runway extension and for a bluff stabilization project, construction staking on the runway and taxiway ACV Bluff Retaining Wallimprovements including rough and finish grade stakes, control for lighting, striping, signage, an Engineered Material Arresting System (Engineered Material Arresting System), and navigational aids. Points West utilized static GPS and Leica Robotic Total Stations to establish an airport-wide control network meeting rigid FAA standards. This network provided the basis for surveys of the runway relocation, re-striping of two runways, light and signage improvements, and installation of the EMAS.

The Airport Safety Improvement work required Security Clearance and close coordination with Engineer, Contractor, and Airport personnel as the airport remained open during construction. Points West worked with Mead & Hunt, the design engineer, and Mercer-Fraser, the contractor. Utilizing multiple crews, Points West was able to provide immediate survey services to help expedite this large-scale project. Upon completion of the construction an as-built survey was performed to verify that new pavement elevations met FAA specifications.

ACV Bluff Retaining Wall Complete

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